I really do not understand the Australian way of looking at non famous people who write, If you are famous you can write a load of crap and it will get published and you make money. People who are well known are not necessarily good writers most of their stuff is written for them. Then you get someone who is NOT well known who writes a  book and it is really good and people enjoy it and you do not make money. I was talking recently to a self published author who has manage to do well but has  had to deal with rejection after rejection for years.  Why is that? I suffered the same rejections and I find it so debilitating you just get to a point where you do not want to write.  Yet I know I must there is a second book to finish and those that have read my book have asked me when it is going to be finished? Well who is going to publish it for me? I have already written another one on family violence which I cannot get any interest in even though it is the topic of the day. So back to completing Vol.2 of The Vulcan Hunter.  Happy reading all.


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