My book has been released and hopefully next week I will be able to arrange a book signing with all the new press releases that have gone out! It has a times been a long and tedious haul to get this far but as a a friend and an author told me when it is done the relief is almost palpable. At least here I can express how I feel.  I am now looking to get a new PC. Obviously my computer did not like the over load no sooner was everything completed than the computer collapsed in a heap and has not worked since. When It came to writing the overview for the second book it would not do anything. New PC and a larger capacity plus a few more associated editing processes and I will be right to start work again. Somehow I am going to be sorry that winter is soon over! Sure I like spring and summer and particularly  Autumn however winter gives you the time and the cold black days when everything else is all too much to contemplate, to do the things inside that you do not consider in summer,  and Writing  is one of the tasks.  So for that reason summer can delay for a while.



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